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PEAT Moss improves soil structure and aeration and has superior water retention capabilities therefore reducing watering costs.

Mayurra Peat Moss improves both light, heavy and unproductive soils.
Our Peat Moss promotes improved plant growth.  Aerates heavy clay soils, gives body to sandy soil through binding it and provides organic material to soils.

Our product is sold to all parts of Australia and is used extensively in the mushroom industry.

It is also bagged and sold through the Big W chain throughout Australia.
It is used for the growing of bulbs in the Dandenongs and has even been burned to colour whisky.
We have sold our product to Olive growers to spread around their trees to promote growth and to retain moisture.
The water retained is then released slowly and the nutrients in the peat are stimulated and released slowly as the plant requires.



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Millicent - South East of South Australia - Wattle Range Council


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